eCar Salon

Electric motorcycle and mopedsalon in Győr

ECARSALON has been distributing high-quality durable electric two- and four-wheel electric motorcycles and scooters for several years. The most well-known manufacturers and brands in our offer are the models of Nipponia, Futura, Erider, EBROH, Tazzari, Zhidou Vrbike and Sevic.

eCar Salon offers compact solutions for urban traffic with all types of zero emission electric vehicles. In Hungary a new "brand" is created. The advantages of using electric vehicles are not only the free parking and charging possibilities, but also the unique driving experience they can provide by being extremely smooth and quiet. It is also important to note that these vehicles can operate hundreds of thousands of kilometres at a significantly lower cost than their petrol-powered counterparts. The cost per kilometer is averaging around 0,02 EUR.

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